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We believe in simple, nourishing food, that's kind to the body and satisfies the taste buds!  We love creating new products that make it easy to boost the flavour and nutritional value of everyday meals. 


Our products are prepared with lashings of care and attention and we are confident that you and your body will adore them as much as we've enjoyed making them!


Gluten free - No added flavourings or preservatives - wholefoods - Handcrafted in small batches

Nutritional cooking

About GoldSpoon

Gold Spoon Cuisine is a harvesting of many years of exploration, experimentation, inquisitive necessity & playful enquiry within the realms of nutrition, health & healing.  What is a ‘healthy’ diet? What foods and methods contribute to vitality and longevity? How can we nourish our bodies to the fullest, while maintaining a sense of ease, enjoyment and pleasure? These are questions that are constantly present for Laine, founder of Gold Spoon Cuisine. 

Gold Spoon’s philosophy on nutrition is not one of dogma, nor of the belief that ‘one size fits all’.  It’s about the love of food, the love of our body and the zest for life.  It’s about common sense and the basic principles of wholesome food, practiced by our ancestors, which have gradually been forgotten over time, with the rise of the industrial era.


It is our intention to not only create simple, delicious nourishment, but also to revive the vital connection between ourselves, nature and each other, through the gift of real food.   



Bespoke 'Graze Style' Catering

Beautifully curated table spreads and platters

Specialising in wholesome food

& alternative dietary needs.


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