Gently infused for 24hrs, with high curcumin content turmeric powder, this is something you can use with just about anything in the kitchen!  It gives a delicious depth and slight caramel flavour to food. 

Use it for baking, frying, add it to soups, curries, stir into milk, melt on warm cereal, stir through rice, cous cous etc. 


Ghee is known to be one of the safest fats/oils to cook with as it has a high smoke point - which means you can heat it to higher temperatures without it burning and releasing harmful free radicals.


INGREDIENTS: Homemade ghee (made from grass-fed NZ butter), Organic turmeric powder (high curcumin content), Organic black pepper. 


Pick up or elivery to Perth metro areas.

Domestic Postage available




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