*Note: This product is currently only available for Perth customers as it's unable to be posted (perishable and requires refridgeration). 
A potent and delicious recipe, handcrafted with fresh Turmeric root and Ginger root, combined with GoldSpoon's signature Turmeric Infused Ghee and a drizzle of low GI  Rice Malt syrup .  This convienient paste makes a wonderfully rich and medicinal Golden Latté that tastes far superior to the powdered turmeric lattés.
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To make a Golden Latté:
Simply simmer 1 teaspoon into your favourite milk for 5 mins, then strain and sweeten as desired.
INGREDIENTS (organic): Fresh turmeric root, fresh ginger root, GoldSpoon Turmeric Ghee, rice malt syrup, spices (including black pepper).
Lasts 3 weeks in the refrigerator. Approx 15 servings per jar.



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